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Do you need more space to store your personal belongings? Looking for an affordable way to save money on quality lumber? Don’t have the extra time it will take to frame a garage, shed, or other backyard structure? Why not make life easier for yourself with an upcycled Multi-Box wooden shipping container?


Most people can remember their parents having at least a storage shed sitting in the backyard. But it’s no secret. Nowadays, the price of buying fresh lumber has risen over the years. This fact alone can discourage you from building a DIY project that will help you live life easier. Not to mention the amount of time it takes to construct a detached garage or storage shed. However, our reclaimed wooden shipping containers solve both of these problems for you.


The Features and Benefits of Each Wooden Shipping Container


Our Wooden Shipping Containers are Versatile!A recycled Multi-Box wooden shipping container is the best versatile solution to building outdoor DIY projects. Plus, you save on the price you would pay for new lumber. This is because you’re getting high-quality lumber at discount prices. Unlike metal shipping containers, these containers are easy to modify to fit your needs. They form a great shell for many structures including:

  • Garages and Storage Sheds
  • Work Areas and Workshops
  • Man-Caves and She-Sheds
  • Hunting Cabins and Pool House

All heat-treated Multi-Box building units are built to stand up to years of use. Each one weighs 3880 lbs. and measure out at 20'x 10' x 11'. They feature 2x4/2x6 framing with high-quality 5/8 CDX plywood sheathing and 3/4" CDX decking. In addition, the heavy duty floor/lift platform helps moving them with a forklift easier.


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Wooden Shipping Containers for Sale

Save money by buying repurposed lumber and play your part in saving the environment. The uses of these moveable well-built containers are countless. You can even combine two or more containers to build even larger structures. We’ll even deliver your shipping container to your destination. We serve North and South Carolina, Georgia, Northern Florida and Southern Virginia areas.

Don’t wait to order a building unit. Now is the right time to buy a building unit or two! Due to a limited monthly supply of units, we’re only able to sell what we have in stock. You may be included on a waiting list for the next available unit should we run out of units for the month.

Call us at 843-452-9399 to learn more about our recycled wooden shipping containers today! If you have any questions about our Multi-Box products, please email us at info@multiboxsc.com!




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