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About Us & Testimonials

Multi-Box is the brainchild of David Victurine of Mount Pleasant, SC. David discovered these ultra heavy-duty wooden shipping containers being disposed of weekly. He then reached out to the Charleston, SC based company that was receiving these crates to assist them in finding an alternate use. Multi-Box was born.Deliver Pic 1


It would cost the average individual over $3,000 just to purchase the materials that go into every Multi-Box building unit. Since they are built in a factory, quality and consistency are never a problem. Having reached the end of their intended use, we can bring these wooden shipping containers to you at amazingly affordable prices compared to traditional construction methods. All while helping to reduce waste.


Each Multi-Box building unit is 20’x 10′ x 11′ ; made with 5/8″ CDX sheathing and 3/4″ CDX decking. They are built from 2×4 and 2×6 framing, galvanized fasteners, and can easily be moved with a fork lift. Each Multi-Box building unit is 3880 lbs. of pure imagination.





“The best thing I ever did. Will definitely buy one again. Ultimate DIY project. What a deal! David is a pleasure to work with.”

B. Boyd – Jedburg, SC

“David brought my box up and I could not believe the size when seen in person. I was trying to find an affordable alternative to buying the lumber to building a shed myself and glad I found Multi-Box. Very solid and will only need siding, a door and a few windows to be the way I want it. Very happy with my purchase and willing to let anyone in the Columbia area come see it.”

Jim S. – Columbia, SC

“5-Stars! David delivered a box on Saturday and I love it. Can’t wait to turn it into a shed. Well worth the money! Thanks David!”

Bryan B – Columbia, SC

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